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The Resiliency Advantage by Al Siebert cover
The Resiliency Advantage: Master Change, Thrive Under Pressure and Bounce Back From Setbacks

Al Siebert, PhD

The Resiliency Advantage wins Best Self-Help book of 2006
Softbound, 240 pages, 5-1/2 x 8-1/2" $17.95
ISBN-13: 978-1-57675-329-3
©2005 Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc

NOTE! Winner: 2006 Independent Publisher’s Best Self-Help Book!

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These are challenging times. We are in a turbulent era in which too much change is happening too fast for many people. In the past, individuals had to find ways to be resilient on their own. Now, however, the emerging new science of resiliency psychology has identified the strengths you can develop to become highly resilient. The most empowering finding is that we all have an inborn predisposition to become resilient and change-proficient. In The Resiliency Advantage you will learn how to sustain strong, healthy energy in non-stop change, bounce back from setbacks, and gain strength from adversities.

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Resiliency: The Key to Surviving and Thriving in Today’s World

Al Siebert, PhD

Color DVD video, 58 minutes, $25.00
(VHS special, $17.50)
ISBN: 0-944227-23-6
©2000 Practical Psychology Press

Resiliency Video cover

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In today’s world, effective leaders must be highly resilient, develop resilient work teams, and build resilient organizations. In this videotaped presentation, Dr. Al Siebert draws on his survivor personality research to show how to be flexible and resilient in circumstances that overwhelm others.

Resiliency Manual for Federal Employees

The Resiliency Manual for Federal Employees

Al Siebert, PhD
Softcover booklet, 48 pages, 8.5 x 11", $10.00 (volume discounts available)
ISBN-13: 978-0-944224-36-7 (aka 34-3)
©2007 Practical Psychology Press, Inc.

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Tailored especially for Federal Employees, Al Siebert shows you how you can learn to bounce back quickly from deeply disruptive change, be resilient during difficult transitions, solve problems effectively, break free from inner prohibitions than hamper resiliency, increase your self confidence, work effectively without a job description, avoid resiliency fatigue, become change-proficient, and sustain your energy in circumstances that overwhelm others.

 [ The Survivor Personality Cover ]

The Survivor Personality: Why Some People Are Stronger, Smarter, and More Skillful at Handling Life’s Difficulties…and How You Can Be, Too

Al Siebert, PhD
ISBN: 0-399-52230-1
304 pages, $14.95
© 1996 Perigee Books / Berkley Publishing Group

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Foreword by Bernie M. Siegel, M.D.

Who survives? Who thrives? As a psychologist who has spent more than forty years studying the phenomenon of survival, Al Siebert has gained valuable insight into the qualities and habits that help human beings overcome difficult situations–from everyday conflicts to major life stresses. In this book, he delineates the "survivor personality"–including such recent examples as Scott O’Grady, the fighter pilot shot down over Bosnia–and shows how survival skills can be learned, leading to better coping, increased success in work and relationships, and a vastly brighter outlook on the future.

Includes Index, Notes and References and Reading List.

Read Chapter One online.

Order The Survivor Personality from, or call 800/782-4479 and have your credit card handy.

Survivor Personality Manual cover

The Survivor Personality Manual: Guidelines for Self-Managed Learning in the School of Life

Al Siebert, PhD

Spiral bound, 86 pages, 8.5 x 11", $15.00
ISBN: 0-944227-15-5
©1996 Practical Psychology Press

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A personal learning plan based on and meant to accompany The Survivor Personality book by Al Siebert.

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THRIVEnet’s Resiliency Resources Top 10 :

A Whole New Mind  cover1. A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future
by Daniel H. Pink

Softcover, 276 pages
ISBN: 1-59448-171-7
©2006 Riverhead/Berkley/Penguin

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"The future belongs to a different kind of person with a different kind of mind: designers, inventors, teachers, storytellers–creative an empathetic ‘right-brain’ thinkers whose abilities mark the fault line between who gets ahead and who doesn’t."

Resilience cover2.  Resilience: The Power to Bounce Back When the Going Gets Tough
by Frederich Flach, M.D.

Reprint Edition (formerly subtitled: Discovering New Strength at Times of Stress)
Softcover, 270 pages
ISBN: 1886330956
©1997 Hatherleigh Press

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Dr. Frederic Flach takes the anxiety out of hard times by showing you how to embrace you fears and become stronger because of them. Drawing on over thirty years of experience, Flach reveals the remarkable antidote to the destructive qualities of stress: RESILIENCE. Readers will discover: how to develop the 14 traits that will make you more resilient; why "falling apart" is the smartest step to take on the road to resilience, the sanity-saving technique of distracting yourself, the helpful five-step plan for creative problem-solving, the power of language to destroy and heal…and more!

Love, Medicine, and Miracles cover3.  Love, Medicine, and Miracles: Lessons Learned About Self-Healing from a Surgeon’s Experience With Exceptional Patients
by Bernie Siegel
ISBN: 0060919833
©1990 HarperCollins (paper)

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Unconditional love is the most powerful stimulant of the immune system. The truth is: love heals. Miracles happen to exceptional patients every day–patients who have the courage to love, those who have the courage to work with their doctors to participate in and influence their own recovery. This book is the runaway bestseller that shows patients how to influence their own recovery.

Man's Search for Meaning cover
4.  Man’s Search for Meaning
Viktor Frankl

Paperback, 144 pages
ISBN: 0-671-02337-3

© 1998 Washington Square Press.

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Essential reading for anyone interested in resiliency, thriving, and surviving in adversity. This book is now listed by the U.S. Library of Congress as "one of the ten most influential books in America." This is the current printing of the book originally penned in the 1960s.
December 1998 Story of the Month.

Miles to Go Before I Sleep cover5.  Miles to Go Before I Sleep: My Grateful Journey Back from the Hijacking of EgyptAir Flight 648
by Jackie Nink Pflug, with Peter J. Kizilos.

Hardback, 232 pages
ISBN: 1568380887
© 1995 Hazelden Foundation

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Jackie Pflug miraculously survived being shot in the back of the head by hijackers on EgyptAir Flight 648 in 1985. Her account of her struggle to recover and live a normal life is a superb description of the way survivors think, the difficult road to healing, being transformed, and becoming grateful for the experience. Jackie had to overcome PTSD, depression, and survivor guilt. All this while having to cope with a learning disorder, epilepsy, a divorce, and a head injury that impairs her vision. Miles to Go Before I Sleep is more than a hijacking story. It contains a message about weathering adversity, about going for dreams and goals and about not giving up. A highly inspirational story.
November 1997 Story of the Month. Visit Jackie’s website:

Forgiving the Dead Man Walking
6.  Forgiving the Dead Man Walking
by Debbie Morris with Gregg Lewis

Hardcover, 252 pages
ISBN: 0-310-22265-6

© 1998 Debbie Morris, Published by Zondervan.

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A true, first-person account of the victim who survived the crimes committed by the rapist and killer made famous in the movie Dead Man Walking. Debbie Morris takes you beyond the story of those crimes into the journey of her faith as she wrestles with the question all of us face at some point in life: Is there any crime, any hurt, any person beyond the power of forgiveness?

September 1998 Story of the Month.

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Still Me
7.  Still Me

by Christopher Reeve

Hardback, 312 pages
ISBN: 0-679-45235-4
LCCN: 98-10223

© 1998 Cambria Productions Inc, published by Random House

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The late Christopher Reeve recounted his life story, successes and failures in this book. He tells of his lifechanging accident that redefined his perception of a hero to an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles. The central theme of his book is that people aren’t disabled, rather, each person is an individual who has a difficult physical condition to deal with. Read his inspirational story, in brief, as the
June 1998 Story of the Month.

(We are mournful of Mr. Reeve’s passing, but hope that the great efforts to help people recover from neurological damage continue with much support.)

Tuesday's with Morrie
8.  Tuesday’s with Morrie
by Mitch Albom

Hardback, 194 pages
ISBN: 0-385-48451-8
LCCN: 96-52535

© 1997 Mitch Albom, published by Doubleday

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Nearly twenty years after college, Albom rediscovered his college mentor during the last months of the older man’s life. Knowing he was dying, Morrie visited with Mitch in his study every Tuesday, just as they did back in college. Their rekindled relationship turned into one final lesson on how to live. July 1998 Story of the Month.

Learned Optimism cover
9.  Learned Optimism: How to Change Your Mind and Your Life

by Martin Seligman, PhD
Reprint Edition
Softcover, 319 pages
ISBN: 0671019112
©1998 Pocket Books (re-issue, March 1998)

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This groundbreaking book teaches readers how to choose optimism–thereby gaining an essential new freedom to build a life of real rewards and lasting fulfillment. Compiles scientific evidence that optimism is vital to overcoming defeat and exhibits how readers can learn the habit of optimism necessary for a successful and happy life.

You Can Heal Your Life cover

10.  You Can Heal Your Life
by Louise Hay
10th Anniversary Edition – Hardcover
ISBN: 1561700940
©1994 Hay House

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Louise Hay explains how limiting beliefs and ideas are often the cause of illness, and how you can change your thinking…and improve the quality of your life.

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Survivor Personality Reading List :

The Survivors Club book cover

New! The Survivor’s Club

Ben Sherwood
Hardcover. 400 pages
© Grand Central Publishing (January 26, 2009)
ISBN-13: 978-0446580243

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"In tough times, who bounces back and who doesn’t? Who overcomes adversity and who gives up? And perhaps most important: What do survivors and thrivers know about beating the odds that the rest of us don’t? These are the questions that award-winning journalist Ben Sherwood explores in The Survivors Club."

The World's Most Amazing Survival Stories cover

New! The World’s Most Amazing Survivors Series

Tim O’Shei and other authors
Al Siebert, consultant
hardcover, 32 pages

ISBN: 978-0-7368-6437-4

©2007, Capstone Press, Edge Books

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Back Cover: "Could you crawl down the side of a mountain with a broken neck? Or drift over the ocean on a raft for two months? Or cut off your own arm to free yourself froma rocky prison? Read about people who did these things and lived to tell about it." Tim O’Shei presents ten examples of extreme survivors in a format for youth. Colorful pictures and graphics, short glossary and references. Part of series "The World’s Top 10s."

cover of Resiliency Spirit book

The Resilient Spirit:
Staying Right Side Up in an Upside Down World

Eileen McDargh

softcover, 48 pages

ISBN: 0-962319-01-5

©2002, Loch Lomond Press

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"The events of 9-11 proved that our spirits are larger than we ever imagined. We can do amazing things–collectively and individually. This small book gleans wisdom from the ordinary and extraordinary, offering simple reminders of powerful actions that produce resilient results. (This book can be customized and delivered in bulk for the employees in your company. Contact Eileen McDargh.)"

Spiritual Survival for Law Enforcement cover
Spiritual Survival for Law Enforcement

Rabbi Cary A. Friedman

Softcover, 98 pages
ISBN: 0-9761966-1-1

© 2005 Cary A. Friedman, Compass Books

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"This book is designed to provide spiritual fortification for officers who are faced with a barrage of experiences in the course of their careers which challenge their most deeply held personal beliefs. Jam-packed with exercises, tools, and insights,this practical guide restores inner peace and clarity."

I Am the Central Park Jogger cover

I Am the Central Park Jogger

Trisha Meili

Hardcover, 256 pages
ISBN: 0-7432-4437-0

© 2003 Trisha E. Meili, Scribner

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Trisha Meili has lived two lives. One before the Central Park (NY) brutal attack on her of April 19, 1989, and one after. In the spirit of true survivorship, she looks at her story of surviving a traumatic brain injury as one about something she did, rather than something that was done to her.

Dying With Open Eyes cover
Dying With Open Eyes

Jennie Swanson Dincecco

Softcover, 144 pages
ISBN: 0-595-34054-7

© 2005 Jennie Swanson Dinecco, iUniverse

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"A valuable resource for caregivers of those suffering from the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s disease. After eleven years of caring for her mother, author Jennie Swanson Dincecco, EdD, shares her insight into the daily struggles and emotional upheavals, as well as the helplessness and frustration she encountered during this trying period."

Striking Back at Stroke cover
Striking Back at Stroke: A Doctor Patient Journal

Cleo Hutton and Louis R. Caplan, M.D.

Hardcover, 240 pages
ISBN: 0-9723830-1-8

© 2003 Cleo Hutton and Louis R. Caplan, M.D., The Dana Press

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A first in Resiliency books! Cleo Hutton’s heroic, inspiring story shows how to go beyond stroke recovery to reach a better life than before. Dr. Caplan adds easy to understand medical information that self-motivated people need to have as they take control of their healing journey.

Boats in the Night cover
Boats in the Night: Knud Dyby’s Story of Resistance and Rescue

Martha Loeffler

Softcover, 140 pages
ISBN: 0-930697-07-3 second edition

© 2000 Lur Publications, Dana College: Blair, Nebraska 68008.

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In this book, Martha Loeffler helps us to understand why the Danish people helped the Jews during the Nazi Holocaust. Through the experiences of Knud Dyby, former printer, Royal Guardsman, policeman and member of the Danish resistance to the German occupation of Denmark, Ms. Loeffler tells the dramatic story of the rescue of more than 90% of Denmark’s Jews.

Rainbow Remedies cover

Rainbow Remedies for Life’s Stormy Times

Joanne K. Hill

Softcover, 280 pages
ISBN: 0-9707032-0-1

© 2002 Joanne K. Hill. Moorhill Communications.

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When 12 members of her family died within four years, Joanne Hill discovered seven remedies not only to survive, but to thrive. Looking for rainbows through those stormy times, Joanne found her way through grief and depression to inner peace. She relates her insights in practical ways to help the reader through times of struggle.

So, Who Do You Think You Are? cover
So, Who Do You Think You Are? Face Your Wounds, Heal Them, and Change Your Life

David W. Pendlum

Softcover, 140 pages pages
ISBN: 0-9672942-1-5

© 2000 David W. Pendlum. Greenleaf Book Group.

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Dave Pendlum was born with a cleft palate and cleft lip and received little medical care until his mid-teens. As a result, he spent many years adopting a victim complex. At the age of 30, he finally listened to a friend who convinced him he was living in the past. He took the conversation as a wake-up call and began to develop a process to face his wounds, heal them and take control of his life. In this book, he presents techniques for taking personal responsibility, overcoming self-sabotage and reclaiming the balance necessary to lead a happier, healthier life.

what doesn't kill you cover
what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger: Turning Bad Breaks into Blessings

Maxine Schnall

Hardcover, 243 pages
ISBN: 0-7382-0732-2

© 2002 Maxine Schnall. Perseus Publishing.

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Drawn from personal experience, Maxine Schnall provides a system of beliefs and practical exercises to help you most effectively navigate the winding path from loss to regeneration. Check the section on "Hidden Gifts" starting on page 42 for some good insights.

Dancing with the Wind cover
Dancing with the Wind

Laurie Nadel

Soft cover, 324 pages
ISBN: 1-931044-31-7

© 2001 Viking Rain Limited.

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Written as a journal, this story relates the great courage and wisdom gained as Laurie Nadel learns to wind surf using Zen, balance and the lessons she was able to apply to her life.

7 Greatest Truths cover
The 7 Greatest Truths About Successful Women: How You Can Achieve Financial Independence, Professional Freedom and Personal Joy

Marion Luna Brem

Hardcover, 195 pages
ISBN: 0-399-14743-8

© 2001 Marion Luna Brem. G.P. Putnam’s Sons (Penguin/Putnam)

Order from

Play by your own rules / Succeed on your own terms. Rewrite the rulebook in business and life. Understand and embrace the strengths and weaknesses that every woman possesses. Marion Brem, a survivor of both cervical and breast cancer, went from jobless, divorced and $500,000 in debt to owner of two auto dealerships, and an advertising agency in 7 years. Read more about Marion Brem in THRIVEnet’s February 2001 Story of the Month.

Going Postal cover
Going Postal…The Tip of the Iceberg: True Stories and Tragedies in the Everyday Lives of Our Letter Carriers and Clerks

Al Ainsworth

Softcover, 176 pages
ISBN: 0-96654489-0-6

© 2002 Al Ainsworth. G.P. Putnam’s Sons (Penguin/Putnam)

Order from Chewah Publishing.

Case studies, from the employees perspective, which point out the classic conflict between labor and management. Offers analysis and options about what changes should be made. A must read for anyone suffering from a toxic work environment.

Hard Won Wisdom cover
Hard Won Wisdom:
More than 50 Extraordinary Women Mentor You to Find Self-Awareness, Perspective and Balance

Fawn Germer

Hardcover, 322 pages
ISBN: 0-399-52711-7

© 2001 Fawn Germer. Perigee Books.

Order from

A collection of wisdom from over 50 of today’s women leaders in business, science, athletics, politics, entertainment and more.

Survivors of Suicide cover
Survivors of Suicide

Rita Robinson

Softcover, 203 pages
ISBN: 1-56414-557-3

© 2001 Rita Robinson. New Page Books.

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Aimed at those who have lost loved ones to suicide. Provides words of comfort, gives the latest medical research on depression and suicide, and includes a directory of resources.

Cancer Patient's Workbook cover
The Cancer Patient’s Workbook: Everything You Need to Stay
Organized and Informed

Joanie Willis
Softcover, 224 pages
ISBN: 0-7894-6782-8
© 2001 Joanie Willis. Dorling Kindersley Publishing, Inc.

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A nicely produced, full-color workbook in the DK CancerCare series with bits of information we all could use …. Great listing of websites in the back of the book.

Paradoxical Thinking cover

Paradoxical Thinking: How to Profit from Your Contradictions

Jerry L. Fletcher and Kelle Olwyler

Hardcover, 200 pages
ISBN: 1-88105-280-X

© 1997, Berrett-Koehler Publishers.

Order from

"Based on years of real-world testing withe individuals and corporate leaders, Fletcher and Olwyler’s five-step method in Paradoxical Thinking helps the reader to consciously bring together the paradoxical sides of yourself to achieve outstanding results individually, on teams, and in organizations." (Midwest Book Review)

Coping in New Territory cover
Coping in New Territory: A Guide for Adult Children of Aging Parents
Suzanne Roberts

Softcover, 144 pages
ISBN: 0-9678161-0-6

© 2000 Suzanne Roberts. Cheltenham Press

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A book designed as a "quick read" with practical guidance on how to survive emotionally as adult children of aging parents. Read more.

Financial Security for Women cover
Financial Security for Women: Using Your Head And
Heart To Achieve It
Mary F. Ivins, CFP.

Hardback, 238 pages

© 1999, Symmetry Publishing Company.

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Mary begins her book talking about how
she had to learn to survive as a divorced woman with six children having
spent "30 years in the kitchen." She writes about how she transformed herself and her relationship with money and became a Certified Financial Planner. Using herself as an example, she walks the reader through useful steps for developing solid financial security.

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Frankl - Autobiography cover

VIictor Frankl Recollections: An Autobiography

Translated by Joseph and Judith Fabry

Hardcover, 144 pages
ISBN: 0-306-45410-6

© 1997 Insight Books.

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Frankl, author of the highly acclaimed Man’s Search for Ultimate Meaning, describes his life with his words of undeniable power and insight.
December 1998 Story of the Month.

The Phoenix Phenomenon cover
The Phoenix Phenomenon: Rising from the Ashes of Grief
Joanne T. Jozefowski, PhD, RN

Hardcover, 262 pages
ISBN: 0-7657-0209-6

© 1999 Joanne T. Jozefowski. Jason Aronson, Inc.

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"This book deals with the survivors of grief and how they honor their loved ones with their lives. Written for both the grievers and therapist who work with them, this book adds more to the subject of loss, grief and healing than any other…. Thank God someone finally made it OKAY for us to lose a loved one and go on living ourselves! I highly recommend it to anyone who has lost a loved one. It should be mandatory reading for all mental health workers." Review from reader at

When Going through Hell cover
When Going Through Hell…Don’t Stop! A Survivor’s Guide to Overcoming Anxiety and Clinical Depression
Douglas Bloch

Softcover, 298 pages
ISBN: 0-929671-02-3

© 1999 Douglas Bloch. Pallas Communications.

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Describes the author’s personal experience, conventional and alternative strategies toward depression, and includes many resources: web sites, crisis hotlines, support group addresses, etc.

Across African Sand cover
Across African Sand: Journeys of a Witch-Doctor’s Son-in-Law
Phil Deutschle

Softcover, 336 pages
ISBN: 0-931625-36-X

© 2000 Phil Deutschle. Dimi Press.

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A dangerous bicycle ride across the Kalahari and Namib deserts provides the framework for telling the story: as he bikes across 3000 miles of sand, dodging lions and elephants, Deutschle describes his life in Botswana through flashbacks.

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The Buttercup Has My Smile
The Buttercup Has My Smile: A Journey Through Cancer
by Lynne Massie

Softcover, 152 pages

© 1999 Lynne Massie

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This is an easy-to-read self-published book which tells how cancer made the author realize she had to stop being a hard-working business woman and start living "in the now."

When the Bough Breaks coverWhen the Bough Breaks: Forever After the Death of a Son or Daughter
by Judith R. Bernstein, PhD

Hardcover, 172 pages
ISBN: 0-8362-2576-7
© 1997 Andrews and McMeel

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Excerpts from interviews with 50 parents who lost a child from age five to 45 trace the road from utter devastation to a revised view of life. This is the first book to assess the enduring consequences of loss and the first to shed light on the evolution in values, perceptions, and relationships that follow the death of a child.

High on Stress cover
High on Stress: A Woman’s Guide to Optimizing the Stress in Her Life
by Simone Ravicz, PhD, MBA

Softcover, 262 pages
ISBN: 1-57224-110-1
LCCN: 97-75481

© 1998 Simone Ravicz, published by New Harbinger Publications Inc.

Order from

This book is loaded with self-evaluations and practical guidelines based on solid research. It is an excellent resource on how to sustain good energy and hold up under pressure. New Harbinger Publications, 5674 Shattuck Avenue, Oakland, CA 94609. $13.95

After the Fall cover
After the Fall: How I Picked Myself Up, Dusted Myself Off, and Started All Over Again
by Suzanne Somers

Hardback, 308 pages
ISBN: 0-609-60312-4
LCCN: 98-13230
© 1998, Crown Publishers

Order from

In this moving and inspiring memoir, Suzanne Somers revisits her years before and after Three’s Company and reveals with fearless self-examination how the dizzying rise and fall of her television career mirrored the chaos and conflict in her personal life. Return to
May 1998 Story of the Month.

Achieving Emotional Literacy: A Personal Program to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence
by Claude Steiner with Paul Perry
Hardback, 256 pages
ISBN: 03-80975-91-2
©1997 Avon Books

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Read more about Achieving Emotional Literacy at Claude Steiner’s web site.

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How High Can You Bounce?How High Can You Bounce?
by Roger Crawford, CPAE
240 pages
ISBN: 0-553-10461-6
©1998, Bantam Books

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Elevating and inspiring, this book is Roger Crawford’s road map to resilience. Learn how to access resources you never knew you had, “flex” your mental muscles to improve them, and make resilience your springboard to success throughout life. This book blends humor, savvy and hard-worn wisdom as it shows readers how to turn setbacks into comebacks…every day. April 1998 Story of the Month.

You’re Not Alone
by John Sabolich, CPO

Hardback, 358 pages
ISBN: 0963733133
LCCN: 95-092706
© 1995 NovaCare Sabolich Prosthetic and Research Center

Order from

A collection of personal stories of 38 people who conquered the challenge of amputeeism. John Sabolich is a pioneer in developing life enhancing prostheses. His observation that an amputation is a defining moment in a person’s life is very insightful. A person with an amputation will never be the same again. He or she will either drift into a victim identity or be changed into a better individual with a strong inner identity. December 1997 Story of the Month.

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When Smart People Fail: Rebuilding Yourself for Success
by Carole Hyatt and Linda Gottleib
Rev/Upd Edition
Softcover, 248 pages
ISBN: 0140178112
©1993 Penguin USA (Paper)

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Peace, Love, and Healing
by Bernie S. Siegel
Softcover, 295 pages
ISBN: 0060917059
©1990 HarperCollins (paper)

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Everyday Heroes
Everyday Heroes
Edited by Beth Johnson

Softcover, 184 pages
ISBN: 0-944210-26-0
© 1996 Townsend Press, Inc.

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Beth Johnson has collected 20 stories about people who have shown courage, determination, and an inner fire that kept them going in the face of all kinds of difficulties. The book was created as a textbook to teach reading comprehension, but the stories within are so moving that any reader will come away with a better understanding of what successes can be achieved in everyday life. This was our source for Jakie Leno Grant’s March 1998 Story of the Month and Benjamin Carson’s October 1998 Story of the Month.

Deadly Force EncountersDeadly Force Encounters: What Cops Need to Know to Mentally and Physically Prepare and Survive a Gunfight
by Alexis Artwohl, PhD and Loren W. Christensen
Softcover, 264 pages
ISBN: 0-87364-935-4
©1997, Paladin Press

Order from

An enlightening and truthful book about two individuals who really care about the well-being of the protectors of society. Highly recommended for all officers, administrators, force investigators, trainers, and significant others. Read More about the book and trainings offered at author Alexis Artwol’s site.

The Survivors: An Anatomy of Life in the Death Camps
by Terrance Des Pres
Softcover, 218 pages
ISBN: 0195027035
©1980 Oxford University Press (Trade)

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Chosen to Live coverChosen to Live: The Inspiring Story of Flight 232 Survivor Jerry Schemmel
by Jerry Schemmel with Kevin Simpson
Hardcover, 213 pages
ISBN: 0965208656
LCCN: 96-090387
©1996 Victory Publishing

Order from

In 1989, on a flight from Denver to Chicago, the rear engine exploded minutes after takeoff and the pilots made a mercy landing in Sioux City, Iowa. Jerry Schemmel was aboard that flight and miraculously survived. Read more:
Return to “When HOW You React.”
Here’s the Story Behind the Movie FEARLESS…

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Developing A 21st Century Mind
by Marcia Sinetar
Reissue Edition, Softcover
ISBN: 034537648X
©1992 Ballantine Books

In the Mouth of the Wolf
by Rose Zar
ISBN: 0827603827
©1983 Jewish Publications Society

Journey to Wholeness : And the Day Came When the Risk to Remain Tight in a Bud Was More Painful Than the Risk It Took to Bloom
by Barbara Marie Brewster
ISBN: 0962860816
©1992 Four Winds Publishing Company

The Invulnerable Child, (chapter one)
by E. James Anthony
Hardcover, 432 pages
ISBN: 0898622271
©1987 Guilford Press

Growing Through Divorce
by Jim Smoke
Revised/Updated Edition
Softcover, 260 pages
ISBN: 1565073223
©1995 Harvest House Publishers

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Return with Honor caseReturn With Honor
A film by Frieda Lee Mock and Terry Sanders telling the powerful and moving story of American pilots shot down over North Vietnam and the challenge to survive with honor as POWs for up to eight and a half years. Narrated by Tom Hanks.

Cambridge Documentary Films logoCambridge Documentary Films
"Our aim is to create new perspectives on important social issues. We produced, directed and currently distribute 17 educational videos about advertising’s image of women, domestic violence, trauma, rape, alcohol advertising, eating disorders, self esteem, media literacy, homophobia, the labor movement, gender roles, career counseling, nuclear war, reproductive health hazards, the women’s health movement, gay and lesbian parenting and other social issues."

What could I do...If I were brave cover

What could I do… If I Were Brave

David McNally and RumJungle Media Film

VHS Video, 20 minutes

© David McNally

Order from, or call toll free: 800-228-1218

"Ordinary people with extraordinary attitudes share compelling stories of how they moved from despair to acceptance" and on to becoming victors, not victims. A short video full of inspirational folks who have all undergone the amputation of one or more limbs. These go-getters have come together for the National Amputee Associaion Golf Association Championship in Minnesota.

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Bat-21: The story of Lt. Col. Hambleton
William C. Anderson
ISBN: 0553274899
©1988 Bantam Books

Staying Alive: The Psychology of Human Survival
by Roger Walsh, M.D.

ISBN: 0394726901
©1984 Shambhala Publishing

I’m No Hero a POW Story As Told to Glen Dewerff
by Charlie Plumb
ISBN: 0830901116
©1973 Herald Publishing House

Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Lives: How to Overcome Adversity and Achieve Positive Change in Your Life
by Marcia Chellis
ISBN: 0140147411
©1993 Penguin USA (Paper)

Winning Life’s Toughest Battles: Roots of Human Resilience
by Julius Segal
ISBN: 0804101450
©1987 Ivy Books

Beyond Survival
by Captain Gerald Coffee
ISBN: 9992234768
©1991 Berkley Publishing Group
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Beyond Survival
by Theresa Saldana
ISBN: 0553265172
©1987 Bantam Books

The Book of Survival
by Anthony Greenbank
ISBN: 0060803606
©1976 HarperCollins (Softcover)

The Art of Survival
by Cord Christian Troebst
ISBN: 0385016883
©1975 Doubleday

Survival of the Wisest
By Jonas Salk
ISBN: 006013738X
©1973 HarperCollins

Making Miracles: A Scientist’s Journey to Death and Back
by Paul Pearsall, PhD
ISBN: 0130893501
©1991 Simon & Schuster

Desperate Journeys, Abandoned Souls: True Stories of Castaways and Other Survivors
by Edward E. Leslie
ISBN: 0395478642
LCCN: 88-644
©1988 Houghton Mifflin Co

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Reading List: Hard to Find

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How Are You?
How Are You? Manage Your Own Medical Journey
by Patricia Foote

Softcover, 152 pages
ISBN: 0-9665166-0-5
LCCN: 98-93106

© 1998 Patricia Foote

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Being diagnosed with a rare disease is especially challenging because the physicians don’t have much experience with it. While telling her story, Patricia lists questions to ask medical experts and resources being created for people with rare diseases.

They Survived: A Study of the Will to Live
by Wilfrid Noyce
ISBN: 0465064205
LCCN: 93-27068
© 1993 Basic Books (Division of HarperCollins)
10 E. 53rd Street Basement 1, New York, NY 10022-5299

The Protean Self: Human Resilience in an Age of Fragmentation
by Robert Jay Lifton
LCCN: 63-8928
©1963 EP Dutton & Co., Inc, New York

"Great true cases of men and women who have survived extreme physical ordeals"

by Laurence Janifer
Catalog # (Ace Books: Grosset & Dunlap): 79111-5
©1977 Ace Books, New York

Science Fiction: "Gerald Knave was a survivor–determined to defeat anything the universe could throw at him–even the vesci of Cub IV!"