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The Adult Student's Guide to Survival & Success, Siebert and Karr - cover

Al Siebert, PhD, and Mary Karr, MS
978-0-944227-45-9 (ISBN-13)
168 pages, $15.95
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More Testimonials about The Adult Student’s Guide!

“I’ve worked with adult students for more than 20 years, and it’s still always exciting to discover a new book to use with my students. The Adult Student’s Guide to Survival & Success will help me do my job better. The book is timely, filled with insight, well-organized and fun to read!”
Diane J. Willis, Coordinator of Undergraduate Advising and Student Services, Washington University

“This is the most up-to-date and useful guide I’ve found so far.”
M. Tobias, instructor, Connecticut

“Great Website. Thanks so much. I’m sure you’ve helped lots of students.”
Kimberly N., student

“Many thanks for the copy of The Adult Student’s Guide to Survival & Success. I have requested that our bookstore stock it for Fall quarter. I’ll recommended it to every re-entry student who comes to my office…. Thank you for saving me a great deal of effort. This is a book that had to be written; I was thinking of shelving another project and writing it myself. I could not be more pleased with your result!”
Grace B. Martin, PhD, Head of Psychology and Director of General Studies, Armstrong State College

“….an extremely insightful, personable, informative, common-sense, and inspirational manual for those students who work, have a family, and want more from life. I even learned some things myself and was reminded of important items that I hadn’t given much thought to for awhile, There is no question the students at PCC and elsewhere could certainly benefit from this manual.”
Fran Polk, Alternative Learning Center, Portland Community College

“I highly recommend The Adult Student’s Guide to Survival & Success as a source of helpful information for the anxious student beginning a college career after many years away from school. The suggestions and information given are focused directly on the student who doesn’t even know what questions to ask.”
Linda Rock, Career Resource Center, Portland Community College

“I am very pleased to tell you that I find The Adult Student’s Guide to Survival & Success an excellent tool for the mature student. It provides valuable information and useful skills to help a student survive in college. I would like every returning student to read it.”
Robert Talbott , Director, Student Development Division, Linn Benton Community College

“This text has proved to be exactly what our students need. We have many adult students who are retraining after downsizing. No other textbook comes close to the practical needs of our students.”
Kathy Sellers, Adult Student Services, SUNY Morrisville

“This book is phenomenal! I haven’t taken classes in years, but I’m getting all my papers in on time, getting A’s in my courses, and still have time for all the other important parts of my life!”
Mary Rotvold, student

“It’s been (15) years since I left high school. I was afraid I might fail in college, but this book showed me how to succeed. Because of it, not only am I passing my courses, I’m getting straight A’s! The chapter on how to overcome fears and concerns was right on. It helped me relax and gain self-confidence. Everything I need is in this book. It gives me practical methods on how to study efficiently, write excellent papers, and prepare for tests and get high grades.”
Elton Barksdale, student

“If it hadn’t been for this book, I would have walked off the college campus and never come back. I know I will read it a million times.”
Claudia Torgenson, student

“I teach adult basic education and this book is by far the best I’ve seen for our non-traditional students and the barriers to education they face.”
Traci Birdsell, Adult Basic Education, Lewis-Clark State College, Lewiston, Idaho

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