The Survivor Personality


The classic guide to what makes people survivors, now in a revised and updated new edition.

Who survives? Who thrives? As a psychologist who spent more than forty years studying the phenomenon of survival, Al Siebert gained valuable insight into the qualities and habits that help human beings overcome difficult situations-from everyday conflicts to major life stresses. In this revised and updated edition, he delineates the “survivor personality” and examines the latest research to show how survival skills can be learned, leading to better coping, increased success in work and relationships, and a vastly brighter outlook on the future.

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The Survivor Personality - 2010 - Cover

USA Book News Award Winner Seal - The Survivor Personality, Best Self-Help (General)


The Survivor Personality won the 2011 USA Book News Best Self-Help (General) award!

Al Siebert, Ph.D., Founder, The Resiliency Center
ISBN: 978-0-399-53592-5
256 pages, $14.95
© 2010 Perigee Books/Berkley Publishing Group


Table of Contents

  1. Life is Not Fair: And That Can Be Very Good For You (Read Chapter One Online)
  2. Playful Curiosity: Learning What No One Can Teach
  3. Flexibility: An Absolutely Essential Ability
  4. The Synergy Imperative: Needing to Have Things Work Well
  5. Empathy Is a Survival Skill
  6. The Survivor’s Edge: The Subconscious Resources of Intuition, Creativity, and Imagination
  7. The Serendipity Talent: Turning Misfortune into Good Luck
  8. The Good Child Handicap
  9. Thriving
  10. The Roots of Resiliency: Your Inner “Selfs”
  11. Self-Managed Healing
  12. Surviving Emergencies and Crises
  13. Surviving Being a Survivor
  14. Your Transformation: Learning About Surviving and Thriving

Includes: Preface, Foreword by Bernie Siegel, Citations, Recommended Reading, Additional Resources, Acknowledgments, Index

(For 2010 version:) ” Al Siebert and his wisdom have been my teachers. I have learned from my experience that there is survival behavior and self-induced healing. However, most of us need guidance and coaching to achieve those goals and Siebert’s The Survivor Personality book is an excellent resource. A survivor personality can be learned. So read on and benefit from the survivor wisdom it will teach you.”
— Bernie Siegel, M.D.
author of 365 Prescriptions For The Soul and Faith, Hope, & Healing

(For 1996 version:) “I was thinking of writing a book entitled ‘A Traveler’s Guide to Life.’ Al Siebert has done it for me. This is a book about surviving life and its difficulties. If you are alive and a member of the species, read it! I loved it.”
— Bernie Siegel, M.D.
author of Love, Medicine, & Miracles

“As a survivor, I am impressed with this valuable tool for those who look for hope in hopelessness. Dr. Siebert provides a practical guide for anyone who chooses to be a survivor rather than a victim.”
— Edith Eva Eger, Ph.D.
Auschwitz Survivor

“. . . a generous menu of suggestions for confronting difficult challenges. They reflect the author’s empathy and compassion for those in distress.”
— Dr. Julius Segal
author of Winning Life’s Toughest Battles: Roots of Human Resilience

“In the prisons of North Vietnam, we often debated, through the walls, who had the best chance of not just surviving, but of deriving something positive from the adversities. Al Siebert not only answers that question, he shows how to actually prepare for going beyond survival to positive outcomes. The Survivor Personality provides valuable insights into survival ‘techniques’ which, to my knowledge, haven’t been available before. It is a fascinating and insightful book.”
— Captain Gerald Coffee, US Navy (Ret.)
7-year POW, author of Beyond Survival

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