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If you haven't been in school for a while, you probably feel nervous and have doubts about your ability to succeed in college. Guess what? We felt the same way when we first started! ALERT: The ASG is an Award-Winner Finalist in the Education/Academic category of the National Best Books 2008 Awards, sponsored by USA Book News.

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Al Siebert, PhD, and Mary Karr, MS
ISBN-13: 978-0-944227-38-1
168 pages, $15.00 + shipping
© 2008 Practical Psychology Press

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Outdated Financial Aid info, but the rest of the book is still relevant. Limited Quantities. No returns.

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Table of Contents

  1. Lots of Help Is Available (Read it Online here or go to
  2. Fears and Concerns: How to Confront and Overcome Them
  3. How to Choose Your Program, Get Financial Help and Become Oriented
  4. Actions That Lead to Success in College
  5. Online Learning
  6. The Best Way to Study
  7. How to Get High Grades on Tests
  8. How to Write Excellent Papers
  9. Learning Styles and Teaching Styles: How to Influence Instructors
  10. How to Gain Support and Encouragement from Your Family
  11. How to Balance Going to College with Working
  12. How to Handle Pressure Well
  13. Resiliency in a World of Non-Stop Change

Includes Activities, Index, Additional Readings and Online Resources.

"This text has proved to be exactly what our students need. We are a two-year Ag and Tech college in the SUNY system, and as such, we have many adults who are re-training after downsizing. I also incorporate information from Siebert’s The Survivor Personality in our discussions. No other textbook comes close to the practical needs of our students."
Kathy Sellars, Adult Students Services
State University of New York – Morrisville

"This is a practical book for helping students achieve a balance between their already existing life and the demands of attending college."
Earl J. Gintner, Ph.D.
Journal of College Student Development

"This book is phenomenal! I haven’t taken classes for years but I’m getting all my papers in on time, getting A’s in my courses, and still have time for everything else!"
Mary Rotvold, student

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